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Jackson Hole High Altitude Tips

The elevation of the valley bottom is about 6,200 feet, so the air in Jackson Hole is both dry and thin, and may leave you fatigued or short of breath. Although it takes some time for a body to adjust, you can help yourself acclimate by getting plenty of rest and drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day. The thinner air also means the sunís rays are more powerful than at sea level Ė without sunscreen, you can get a burn even on overcast days.

Whatever your plans are for a day outing, several simple items will make the adventure more comfortable, and could even save a life in an emergency. The basics include sunscreen, warm clothing, a map, jacket, food, water, matches or a lighter, pocketknife, sunglasses and a hat. Other useful items to bring include binoculars, a cell phone, cash, pepper spray and bug repellent.
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