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Jackson Hole Aerial Tours - Glider, Paraglider or Plane

Jackson Hole Aerial Tours - Glider, Paraglider or Plane

See Jackson Hole from a bird's eye perspective. One of the best ways to view the area and the Teton Range.

Paragliding in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Paragliding

Jackson Hole Aerial Tour Companies

Start your day with a running leap. Let this be the highlight of your vacation to Jackson Hole. All JHPG tandem instructors are experienced mountain pilots with excellent safety records. A few running steps and you are airborne, seated in a comfortable chair...

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Bring your family and experience Wyoming’s stunning mountain ranges and high-elevation lakes from a bird’s-eye view. WRA offers 30-, 45- or 60-minute, non-stop scenic flights starting at the Jackson Hole Airport. Schedule your flight today!