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Explore the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with our fun, knowledgeable naturalists. Experience these wild places and leave with a deep, memorable connection. Small, private, guided tours in Grand Teton and Yellowstone parks. Come roam with us!

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great western expeditions
Our winter expeditions include custom combinations of activities, wildlife touring, snowshoeing, and a safari-style meal or an elevated picnic served in the field. Perfect for groups and special occasions.

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Maximize your time viewing wildlife and experiencing both Grand Teton and Explore the wildlife hotspots on and off the beaten path while sharing the day with a fun and knowledgeable naturalist guide. We will make the most of your time in the region. Book you...

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We combine a love of adventure with a passion for wildlife and wild spaces to create premium, once in a lifetime experiences exploring the natural world. We believe that active stewardship is the only way to ensure the same experience for future generations.

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We are Jackson Hole's original nature tour company with the most trail and tour options to offer. Join us for naturalist-guided hiking, wildlife viewing and backpacking in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. Nature awaits you!

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Wildlife Expeditions
 Let nature hold your call, while you connect with the wild. We invite you to connect with your wildlife neighbors. Our tours are more than a journey; they provide an opportunity to experience the beauty of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National ...

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Experience a world of endless exploration and timeless wonders with a Snow King Adventure Tour. Join us on an adventure into Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks, and explore some of the most scenic and historical areas while searching for the spectacul...

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