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Horseback Riding in Jackson Hole: The Essentials

Whether heading out for a 2-hour scenic ride or a multi-day pack trip, there’s no better way to cover ground while enjoying immersion in the pristine Jackson Hole wilderness.
Horseback riding in Jackson Hole

Explore beautiful horseback riding in Jackson Hole and connect to a Western heritage that dates back to the 19th century. Ranches and outfitters in Jackson Hole offer a variety of horseback riding options to suit all ages, skills and desires.

Try gentle horseback riding introduction or choose from routes that splash along through creek beds, climb mountains, wind into the wilderness, ride to a fishing spot, or package a morning ride with an afternoon whitewater float!

Quick Facts

  • Duration: Choose from trail rides as short as 1 hour, up to a full-day or even overnight pack trips.
  • Cost: Many outfitters offer packages. 1-hour rides start around $70 per person with full-day rides nearing $300 including lunch and sometimes dinner. Overnights, fishing rides, and custom arrangements are available. Inquire directly for pricing.
  • Where? It's your call! Different outfitters specialize in different areas and types of rides. Ride just minutes from Teton Village, or further afield in the wilderness of the Gros Ventre, Hoback, or the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
  • Ages: Depends on the outfitter, though generally ages 6 and up. Some offer “lead arounds” for children under 8.
  • Intensity: Easy to moderate: your choice. Speak to your outfitter about choosing a ride suitable to your skill level, stamina and goals for the day. No experience is necessary.
  • Highlights: Discovering our beautiful valley from a saddle, just as the original ranchers and homesteaders did before you.
Jackson Hole horseback ride

Best For...

Families and friends that want to explore together. Horseback riding can be a great way to level the fitness playing field and enable everyone to cover ground into the wild as a group. The well-mannered and mountain-trained horses make exploration easy, allowing you to travel further and see more than you would on foot. Not to mention the higher vantage point of being up on the saddle—there’s a reason cowboys ride horses!

Teton Wagon Train - Jackson Hole

What Are My Options?

Plentiful. Make sure to consider what region of Jackson Hole you’d like to explore, the ages of your group members and how much time you have to spend.

Try out a ride with Spring Creek Ranch which frames most of its rides against the backdrop of the Tetons, while Mill Iron Ranch offers a wide variety of rides out into the mountain trails of the wilderness and fishing streams.

For a longer experience, trying “dudeing” at a guest ranch like Darwin Ranch, or Flat Creek Ranch. And unique to Triangle X guests enjoy the rare opportunity to ride within Grand Teton National Park. Depending on your choice, meals, fishing equipment, or an overnight camping experience may be included.

Live like the pioneers as you travel by covered wagon, ride horses, hike, and canoe. For those seeking a totally unique experience the Teton Wagon Train Adventure run by Bart T-5 wranglers offer a 4-day, 3-night adventure in the middle of the Teton Range. Experience is not necessary!

Horseback riding Grand Teton National Park

When's a good time to go?

As long as the weather is enjoyable, your trip will be, too. Remember to plan for the heat (and chill) of different parts of the day. Any summer day in Jackson will have great riding and many companies continue to offer trips into the changing foliage of early autumn.

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What should I bring?

This will also depend on which type of trip you’re doing. In general, no sandals or flip flops and no backpacks. Wrangler guides recommend you wear long pants. Sunscreen and bug repellent is always helpful, and if you own a cowboy hat, this is the time to put it on!

The Last Word

Jackson Hole, as the Last of the Old West, is lucky to have options for horseback riding as varied as the nature where we ride. Learn how to ride a horse and direct it, or follow a wrangler as he or she guides you up exciting switchbacks and across narrow ridges. Whichever option entices, horseback riding in Jackson Hole promises a family-friendly trip you won’t forget with scenery to match.

Jackson Hole Horseback

Bar T 5 Covered Wagon
Make like the original homesteaders and ride to dinner in a horse-drawn covered wagon. Then, disembark and gather ’round for an evening of delicious camp-style food and fun with the Bar T-5 Band. Bar T-5, Jackson Hole’s original chuck wagon, celebrates its 4...

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in the lower 48 states offering unique, week-long luxury wilderness experiences. Family-owned and operated, Darwin Ranch is located in the remote Gros Ventre Wilderness. Their commitment to sustainable farming and conservation makes this guest ranch experien...

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A premier Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Dude Ranch. Hike the mountains. Ride the wilderness. Fish a legendary trout stream. Dine outrageously. Nearest neighbor­—10 miles away. Built by a countess and a cowboy in the 1920s. Elegantly appointed, lovingly restored. On...

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For five generations the Mill Iron Ranch has been known for guiding guests through the breathtaking scenery of Jackson Hole. Our trail rides and pack trips accommodate all levels of riders. We offer two-hour, half-day and full-day trips. After a day of ridin...

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View the Majestic Snake River & Tetons Mountains on horse back! Remote Backcountry trail rides just 19 miles southwest of Jackson. We have trails for all levels from beginner riders to more experienced. Group sizes range from two to eight riders, Ages 6 year...

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Jackson Hole Horseback Riding at Spring Creek Ranch
Enjoy a guided horseback ride atop the East Gros Ventre Butte with Spring Creek Ranch’s Castagno Outfitters. Take in unique views of the Teton Range, the town of Jackson and the surrounding area from atop your well-trained steed.

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Teton Village Trail Rides
Saddle up, Pardner! Teton Village Trail Rides offers one-hour, two-hour and half-day rides on the historic Snake River Ranch. Our horses are gentle mountain horses and fit for any level of rider. Come ride with this team of experienced cowboys at the base of...

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Teton Wagon Train - Jackson Hole
Join us for a 4 day, 3 night adventure in the middle of the Teton Range. Live like the pioneers as you travel by covered wagon, ride horses, hike, and canoe. Experience is not necessary!

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The Triangle X Ranch is an authentic dude ranch and the only operating guest ranch concession in Grand Teton National Park offering all-inclusive dude ranch vacation and recreation packages including rafting and fishing.

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Trail rides take place in the Bridger Teton National Forest. A variety of riding is available from 1 hour, 2 hour, 2 1/2 hour breakfast and lunch rides, 1/2 day, and full day guided fishing rides. Splash through crystal clear streams and view the spectacular...

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