Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris Tours

Jackson, WY83001

We combine a love of adventure

with a passion for wildlife and wild spaces to create premium, once in a lifetime experiences exploring the natural world. We believe that active stewardship is the only way to ensure the same experience for future generations. Many visitors come to the Greater Yellowstone area specifically to see its robust wildlife populations. The ability to see wildlife in person, and not in captivity, is a potent and memorable experience. Using high-quality optics such as binoculars and telescopes allows us to have a present and intimate interaction with the landscapes in front of us without intruding. We can study birds with their intricate, colorful feathers, their ornate and fascinating nests and even their unique personalities and behaviors. We can watch grizzly bears foraging for flowers and digging for ground squirrels, bison wallowing in vast sage fields with huge clouds of dust visible for miles, and bull elk bugling their desires into cool autumn mornings. We can observe otters fishing, osprey diving, beavers constructing dens, moose browsing on willows. We can hear the gray wolf howling in the National Elk Refuge, only minutes from the town of Jackson, and know that its pack is gathering for a hunt. We see Grand Teton National Park as an entire ecosystem, and we are able to tell its story through vision and experience.