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Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry in Jackson Hole

For more than 45 years, Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry in Jackson Hole has been providing discriminating art buyers with fine Native American jewelry, Navajo rugs and Pueblo pottery.

If you’re looking for the real deal in Native American rugs, jewelry and pottery when visiting Jackson Hole, Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry is the gallery for you.

Two Grey Hills specializes in natural turquoise jewelry and accessories—handcrafted with exquisite detail—as well as an impressive selection of exceptional Navajo rugs and Pueblo pottery.

Authentic Native American Rugs, Jewelry, Pottery

Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry is located literally just steps off Town Square. The late Elfriede Jourdan and her son, Gary Mattheis, opened the retail gallery in 1976 and it remains one of the longest-running businesses in Jackson Hole.

Over the past 45 years, Two Grey Hills has accumulated an international following, with many loyal customers making their way back to the store year after year whenever they visit Jackson Hole.  

The wide selection of exceptional Native American and Western jewelry includes both contemporary and traditionally designed bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belt buckles and bolo ties. A separate rug and pottery room holds beautifully handcrafted and collectible Navajo rugs and traditional hand-coiled Southwestern pottery, many painstakingly painted by hand with a Yucca leaf. Each individual piece has been carefully selected by Gary Mattheis and his, son, Scot. Not only the largest in the region, their collection of Navajo weavings and Native American pottery are among the finest anywhere.


"Two Grey Hills" refers to the area in New Mexico where the finest types of Navajo woven rugs are made.

Family-owned for Generations

It is rare for a store to be family-owned and operated by one generation—let alone three—but Two Grey Hills is one of those wonderfully special rarities.  

The building that houses the gallery was at first used as a dry cleaner, named Quality Cleaners. Elfriede purchased the laundry service in 1954. Among the many things that Elfriede and her son, Gary, cleaned over the years were what seemed to be “all of the Navajo rugs in and around Jackson Hole.”  They were both always highly impressed by these Navajo weavings and following a few trips to the Navajo Reservation and surrounding areas, their love of these rugs quickly developed into a deep appreciation and admiration for the works of the jewelry artists, silversmiths and fetish carvers local to these areas as well.   

“A big part of what you get in here is our knowledge." — Scot Mattheis, owner.

Following years of hard work and saving, their dream of having their own store was realized when Elfriede and Gary opened Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry in 1976, with customer service as their foundation and the spotlight on high quality, authentic hand-woven Navajo rugs.  

“You get a lot of education and hopefully feel a lot of our passion in here,” says Scot Mattheis, Gary’s son and Elfriede’s grandson, who now helps run the show with his dad.  

“A big part of what you get is our knowledge. And customers are very  well taken care of," Scot says. "We want you to take your time, see everything, learn about the pieces that interest you and hopefully something that you can really appreciate."

Quick Facts

What's in store: Fine, handcrafted Navajo rugs, Native American jewelry and pottery

Address: Corner of Broadway and King streets

Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m., seven days a week

Phone: 307-733-2677

Website: fineindianart.com

Largest Selection of Navajo Rugs in the Region

Two Grey Hills has by far the largest selection of Navajo rugs not only in Jackson Hole, but also in the entire region. 

“When we opened in 1976, there were 2,500 Navajo rug weavers in the country," says Scott. "Now there are about 500—and far fewer produce the quality of rug we want to carry.”  

"It's a true American art form." —Scot Mattheis

Although Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry specializes in contemporary Navajo rugs, it also carries antique weavings. Scot  says there is a rich history behind the antique rugs they sell and he is more than happy to oblige the inquiring customer with the colorful background story on a specific weaving.  

If you’re hoping to bring home some authentic treasures from the West in the form of amazing Native American art, Two Grey Hills needs to be on your “things to do” list.  

Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week.