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The Best Private Dining Restaurants in Jackson Hole

We've rounded up the best private dining restaurants Jackson Hole has to offer. These options offer a more intimate dining experience while you're visiting the Teton area.

It can be tricky to avoid the crowds while dining around Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park, especially when you’re trying to create some special, long-lasting memories with your loved ones. Private dining offers safe socialization and increased intimacy, not to mention a stress-free dinner party without the set-up, cooking, or cleanup.

What is private dining?

Okay, before we dive in, you may be wondering: What is private dining? While this eating experience has long been associated with celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and business meetings, people are gravitating toward intimate environments for everyday occasions as well. Private dining is an excellent option for your next family reunion, multi-family gathering, or special event where you’re expecting 15 to 30 guests. But don’t just take it from us: Restaurant industry pros say private dining rooms (also known as PDRs) across the country are booked up on the regular.

Private dining opportunities vary based on the venue, but here in Jackson Hole, our local partners have gone above and beyond to elevate your dining experience with exceptional perks. Venues like Palate,  SUDA Izakaya, The Kitchen, Gather, and Glorietta's offer you and your guests your own private room (along with some other perks that we’ll mention later).

Here are some of our favorite locales for that exclusive, intimate meal experience.

SUDA Izakaya and Other Eateries

“Primarily, we created this offering as a way to allow our guests to safely dine while adhering to concerns brought about by the pandemic,” said Marylou Berra, the Director of Operations at SUDA Izakaya (pictured above). "It was, and still is, important to us that we provide an option for guests who seek a space to call their own while enjoying an elevated dining experience.”

Along with this experience, Berra said that SUDA ensures that guests will receive a dedicated space completely apart from the other diners as well as their own server/bartender, access to a private restroom to be used by PDR guests only and — if desired — guests may enter from the alley and access the dining space via the back stairs for complete separation.

Our other favorite options for personalized private dining experiences include the Brewery Tasting Room at Roadhouse in Town Square, Ringholz Studios,  Johnny's Cabin at Astoria Hot Springs, upstairs at Coelette, Glorietta's, Jackson Hole Winery, The Kitchen, and Palate—where your guests have an exclusive view from the patio overlooking the National Elk Refuge.

Read on for more information on these amazing options and the variety that private dining has to offer you and your loved ones.

Four reasons to choose private dining

Safe socialization. Booking your own private dining room is a wonderful option that allows you to gather and reconnect, which I’m sure we can all agree that doing so over a great meal and elegant ambiance is deliciously nurturing for our collective soul. At Suda Izakaya, the entire floor is yours. Not to mention your own private bar (complete with bartender, of course), entrance, server and restroom.

Elevated experience. AKA: It’s not just your own room. Dine in your own private art gallery among one-of-a-kind paintings of local wildlife at Ringholz Dusk Gallery (pictured above) or gather hearthside amidst the Italian ambiance at Glorietta. Fair warning: you may become addicted to five-star hospitality.

Increased intimacy. Private dining is an excellent option for those craving more intimate, less overly stimulating experiences. Gone is the blaring music, chatty bystanders or drunken diners beside you. The Kitchen (pictured below) offers your very own heated tent for you and your loved ones, under cozy twinkly lights. Private dining ups the intimacy and sense of connection, not to mention the ambiance and quality of your experience.

Host a stress-free dinner party. Hosting often requires a certain amount of stress. If you’re looking for that bespoke dinner party feel and ambiance without the set-up, cooking, or clean-up, then why not leave the stress behind and invite yourself to be present with a customizable, unique evening that you, and your guests, aren’t likely to forget.

Let’s just say, there’s a reason the “experience economy” is on the rise. This is the idea that people would rather spend money on experiences than items — so give the gift of an intimate, unique experience to your guests this season and elevate your Jackson Hole memories.

Another Option: Jackson Hole Winery

During the summer months, host your private gathering at this local, family-owned winery that crushes, produces, ages and bottles all of their wine in Jackson Hole. Depending on your needs, Jackson Hole Winery can offer a selection of private chefs and caterers to choose from for multiple course dinners that pair with its wines.

  • A great option for groups sized anywhere from 2 to 55 people.
  • With private dinners, you can also add on a private wine tour and barrel tasting of their soon-to-be-bottled wines. Choose from their variety of beautiful private settings on the property that will suit your needs.
  • In addition to private dinners, Jackson Hole Winery also offers corporate event space, Iron Chef Cook-offs and can even arrange for a fly fishing guide to give demonstrations on their large pond that’s fed by a spring creek.
  • Location: 2800 Boyles Hill Road, Jackson; 307-201-1057; jacksonholewinery.com