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Summer in Teton Village, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Summer in Teton Village and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has something for everyone. Whether you're spending an entire day or just a few hours, Teton Village offers a wide range of activities for children and adults. From hiking and biking, to live music, food and shopping, the "Village" is a destination not to be missed.
Jackson Hole Summer Tram

Summer in Teton Village has something for everyone and unlimited ways to construct a day. Whether you want to get up, get down, get sideways, or just stay put and take it all in, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's offerings in Teton Village (just 12 miles from town) provide a base for a full day of activities for all ages.

Gain elevation by riding the Aerial Tram or the gondolas, trying the climbing wall or ropes course, or exploring a myriad of hiking trails. Lose elevation by soaring back down with a paragliding flight or downhill mountain biking. Flip it all upside-down on the bungee trampoline, or generally keep things on level ground by renting road bikes, playing a round of disc golf, joining a kid's camp, or just enjoying food and music with a view.

Quick Facts

  • Summer season: starts May 18th with the opening of the Aerial Tram; other lifts and activities open June 15th. Closing dates range from September 8th to October 6th.
  • Duration: A wide range of activities for an hour or a full day through dinnertime.
  • Hours: The Tram runs daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from mid-May to early October.  The Deck, Piste Bistro, Off-Piste Market, RPK3, Tin Can Cantina and Corbet's Cabin are open every day from early June to early September/October, depending upon the eatery — Piste and The Deck are closed on Friday and Saturday. (Corbet's Cabin opens mid-May and closes the first weekend in October).
  • Cost: Tram rides $43-$50 with reductions for those under 17 and over 65; there is a $7 discount when you purchase online. Activities range from $15 - $40. Bridger Gondola rides are $15 starting at 5 p.m. Visit jacksonhole.com for the exact summer 2024 opening dates for the lifts, activities and fees.
  • Summer Sightseeing Ticket—$49 adult/$32 kids 5-17 years old/$125 family for full-day, unlimited access to Grand Adventure Park, Aerial Tram, Bridger and Sweetwater Gondola, Teewinot lift, Aerial Ropes Course, bungee trampoline, downhill bike park, and the climbing wall. Does not include bike rental.
  • Where? Teton Village, 12 miles from downtown Jackson.
  • Ages: Something for everyone—bring the whole family.
  • Rentals: Equipment for all activities can be rented or purchased onsite at JH Sports or Teton Village Sports, and guides and lessons are available. 
  • Hiking intensity: Easy, moderate and strenuous options. Take the Tram 4,139 vertical feet to the summit or, um… hike all the way up!
  • Highlights: Jackson Hole's iconic "Big Red" Aerial Tram. Look up or down at the largest vertical drop in America.
  • What's new? A cool viewing platform at the summit (top of the tram) called the "Grand Teton Skywalk"

What To Do

Those in search of views and the flexibility of quick activities for all ages are in luck: Teton Village is a great destination for end-of-day food and drink, or as a full-day sampler of all the different happenings at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. And if mom and dad want to venture out on their own, there is a terrific Kid's Ranch with day camp offerings.

There are plenty of weekly events in the Village, too, which can be add-ons to all the other mountain-based activities.

We've broken down all the activities for you to conquer—choose your favorites. Your passport to a fun-filled day starts now!

Get On 'Top of the World'

Sometimes you just need to get to the top. In Jackson Hole, we take the Aerial Tram. The exciting and spectacular 12-minute ride whisks you 4,139 feet to the 10,450-foot summit of Rendezvous Mountain. There, at the crown of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, you can take in 360-degree views of the Snake River, Tetons, Gros Ventre Mountain Range and Idaho, follow a range of hiking trails around the peak and those nearby and enjoy a "top of the world" waffle or refreshment in Corbet's Cabin. If the thrill of being up there isn't enough, peer down the world-famous Corbets Couloir ski run or take a tandem paraglide flight back to the base. There is also a new viewing platform called the Grand Teton Skywalk. Tram cost: $43-$50*  with reductions for those under 17 and over age 65. *Online price.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Mountain Biking


Rent a downhill mountain bike and take the modified Teewinot ski lift up to access the specifically designed downhill mountain bike trail system. Test your skills on smooth "green" trails before working up to "blue" and "black" trails with steep banked turns and jumps. Prefer to go for a distance and generate your own speed? Road bikes are also available to hop on the bike pathways all the way to downtown Wilson and beyond. The bike park is open from June 15th to September 8th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bikes are available for rent at Jackson Hole Sports and Teton Village SportsCosts range from $102 for daily mountain bike park rental (including all equipment) to $47  for an adult and youth pathway bike for half a day.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Hiking


A large network of maintained and difficulty-rated hiking trails sprawls upwards from the base of the mountain and can be used for round trips of an hour or more. Explore either wildflower-laden terrain off the tram or gondola. Enjoy your time at the top for photos and hiking and catch the tram back down; they come every 15 minutes during operating hours. 

You can also "hike to a cold one" in the late afternoon by trekking down the Cirque Trail from the top of the tram until you reach the Gondola summit. There, The Deck offers a high-altitude outdoor patio with a bar and outdoor grill menu.

Climb and Bounce

The 25-foot climbing wall at the base of the Bridger Gondola offers challenging routes for kids and adults. It ain't the Grand Teton, but it's a fun training ground! Cost: $18

By far the most original offering in Teton Village is the bungee trampoline where brave individuals bounce up to 24 feet in the air, spinning and trying tricks tethered safely to a harness. Cost: $18

The climbing wall and bungee tramp are open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. until September 2nd.

Ropes course at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Ropes Course

Adrenaline junkies rejoice! The Ropes Course is an exciting series of suspended ropes, nets, zip lines, balance beams and ladder features. Once harnessed in, give Jackson Hole’s unique spin on a ropes course a try via routes of varying difficulty. Cost: $50 for an hour with 3 loops included in the price. Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Via Ferrata: Climbing at 9,000 Feet!

Via Ferrata is one of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's most popular outdoor adventures. This memorable experience takes you high above the valley floor, across suspended bridges and along granite walls all with a knowledgeable guide. Via Ferrata is perfect for families, groups or individuals. There are three different loops, varying in difficulty from an introductory climb to more difficult routes. There are six routes in total, the longest at more than 500 vertical feet, and can include a breathtaking experience crossing a 120-foot-long suspension bridge. Cost: $419 to $585 (first 2 people); half- and full-day options available.

Disc Golf

Play golf! With frisbees, that is. Bring your disc golf set or buy one at JH Sports and enjoy free use of the elaborate 18-hole course that starts out short and technical, with tunnel and treed shots. It then winds back and forth up lower Gros Ventre and Tramline, shooting in open fields and tightly wooded areas. Cost: Free!

Kids' Day Camp Programs

The Kid's Ranch offers several camps for kids from age 3 to 11 utilizing all of the outdoor activities at JHMR with science projects, horseback rides, arts and crafts, mountain biking and tram excursions completing the fun.

There is also Wrangler Daycare for wee ones ages 6 to 36 months.

The Wild Woods

Located behind Solitude Station, the Wild Woods Playground (opening in the summer 2024) has endless opportunities to explore, learn and play. Wooden structures include The Lookout, The Hangout and The Crossover. Ride the Sweetwater Gondola to the mid-station of the Sweetwater Gondola (get off at the first stop). A sightseeing ticket is required to ride the gondola.

Free Events on the Commons

Alive@5 events are offered for free on the Village Commons Tuesday through Friday during July and August. They include meeting birds of prey (at arm's length!) with Teton Raptor Center on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Insider tip: If you're traveling with kids and they don't seem interested in watching the Alive@5 events, they can always go cool off and play in the Pop Jets right there in the Village Commons. This collection of fountains shoot water up in varying locations and intervals. The Pop Jets offer up an abundance of free summer fun in a location where it's easy for parents to hang out and supervise.

Where to Eat—and Hear Music

Aside from all the action, the other, perhaps more relaxing, reason to come to Teton Village in the summer is for the concerts and eating. Concerts on the Commons is a free outdoor concert series at 5 p.m. on Sunday evenings throughout July and August, whose beautiful setting typically draws a crowd of visitors and locals alike.

The Grand Teton Music Festival runs from June 27th through August 17th and features some of the best musicians in the world for its Festival Orchestra Program. There are also jazz, chamber music, and brass performances and free family concerts.

And whether you're looking for food to replenish energy after a long hike, or just pulling in to dine with a view, the assortment of culinary experiences in Teton Village are sure to excite. Restaurants at the base area boast a wide variety of cuisine. There are Italian and personal pizzas at Il Villaggio Osteria, Jackson institution Teton Thai out by the Ranch parking lot, easy lunch on the patio by the tram dock at RPK3, taco truck style grab-n-go at the Tin Can Cantina and chicken fried sandwiches at Bodega's food truck. And of course, no visit to the Village—or Jackson Hole, for that matter—would be complete without a meal or a drink (and listening to music, too) at the iconic Mangy Moose.

For the true Jackson Hole experience, finish off the day with a ride up the gondola ($18)* to The Deck for appetizers and drinks outdoors at 9,095 feet beginning at 5 p.m. The Piste Mountain Bistro is a dinner spot up top, offering a comfortable menu of locally sourced dishes that you can savor yourself or share with the table. The Off-Piste Market has a full espresso bar, gourmet food, beer, wine and small essentials like sunscreen and batteries.

* The gondola will be closed every Friday and Saturday evening, as are The Deck and Piste.

Summer in Teton Village Must Do

If you had to choose just one thing to do at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort—which would be incredibly difficult!—a ride on "Big Red" is a no-brainer. The vistas going up, down and, of course, on top are bar none.