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Spotlight on Wilson, Wyoming

A quaint village at the bottom of Teton Pass, Wilson serves up great food, unique activities and outdoor adventure.
Historic Wilson WY

Wilson: The Local's Getaway

There's enough to do in the town of Jackson to fill a lifetime of summers. But what if you want to switch things up in Teton County? Head seven miles west of Jackson on Hwy 22 to Wilson, home to approximately 1,300 residents, having grown steadily—albeit slowly—since Elijah Nicholas Wilson founded the town in 1899. Wilson is well-known to winter visitors due to its many backcountry ski activities and mountain biking in the summer becomes more popular every year. Not to mention, it's somewhat of a prestigious real estate address for locals.

Raptor Center, Jackson Hole

For Kids of all Ages

The Teton Raptor Center is located at 5450 West Hwy 22. In those handsome, red barns lives a nonprofit organization of biologists, ecologists, educators, wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers. Teton Raptor Center helps return birds of prey to the wild once they've healed. It's a great place for kids to learn about the lives of birds, and there are three avian hosts any child would love to meet: Owly, the great horned owl; Gus, the Golden Eagle; and Ruby, the red-tailed hawk. Seeing one of these elegant birds up close and personal is bound to be the highlight of any vacation.

Hiking, Skiing and Biking

For those who would like a more physical challenge, the folks at Wilson Backcountry Sports offer a full-service operation in both skiing and biking.  

In business since 1993, this shop is packed to the rafters with gear, bikes, skis, a maintenance shop and rentals, plus it's manned by a knowledgeable staff that will steer you toward the best options for every member of your entourage.  

Backcountry skiing is the shop's winter specialty, especially since Teton Pass is famous the world over for being easily accessible. In summer, they turn to bikes and it doesn't matter whether your focus is on road, mountain, or hybrid bike riding. The mecca of trails on Teton Pass are well-maintained and include cross-country and freeride trails. Teton Freedom Riders helps the U.S. Forest Service by educating riders about trail use and keeping the extensive network of trails open and growing.  

But if you'd rather hike those trails to check out marmot habitat or photograph wildflowers, just lace up your hiking boots and stride away. The Old Pass Road is a favorite haunt that can be accessed just across the highway from rustic Heidelberg Inn. It's a great walking road that leads nearly to the top of Teton Pass and includes the occasional freshwater spring, burbling downhill on its way to Crater Lake.

Jackson Hole Nightlife - Stagecoach Bar

Local Eats

All this activity can work up an appetite, and there are three outstanding options that range from utterly "at ease" to charmingly upscale.  

Hungry Jack's General Store, located at 5655 West Hwy 22, has been operating since 1954.  As the name indicates, Hungry Jack's is an old-fashioned general store that offers a little bit of everything, including fresh produce, sandwiches, groceries and beer. It's a great place to put together a picnic and experience a piece of Wilson history.  

Across the highway and located next to Wilson Backcountry Sports, at Pearl Street Bagels you'll find specialty coffees, yummy cookies, sandwiches and fruit smoothies that are made instantly better by the day's assortment of fresh-baked bagels. Pumpernickel, everything, cinnamon raisin, tomato herb, spinach feta and honey sunflower are only a few of the offerings, and their cream cheese mixes are just as varied. 

The Stagecoach Bar and Nora's Fish Creek Inn are two beloved local favorites as well that you must pop into for a beer, fantastic brunch, or bumping nightlife.

Scenic Drives

Extending to the north and south of Wilson's charming little hamlet are two beautiful drives: Fish Creek Road and Fall Creek Road. We mark these scenic byways on our map of the valley. These roads allow you to see another side of Jackson Hole: riparian habitat, meandering streams, working dude ranches and lush, mountain views. Just remember to share the road: These are also popular destinations for pedestrians and road bikers. In Wilson, the sleepy side of the valley also proves to be one of the most charming.

  • Pearl Street Bagels

    Pearl Street Bagels Sample Pearl Street Bagels' 14 varieties of authentic bagels, boiled and baked in the East Coast tradition. Dough is made on site, and the bagels are baked and served fresh throughout the day, never toasted. Favorite combos include a cinnamon raisin with honey walnut cream cheese or an everything bagel with herb cream cheese. Additionally, there are sandwiches, including hot egg and cheese on a bagel with your choice of sausage or bacon. Located at 5674 Highway 22, Wilson, 307-739-1261 
    307-739-1261 | 145 West Pearl Ave 5674 Hwy 22 Wilson, WY, Jackson

  • Wilson Backcountry Sports

    Wilson Backcountry Sports Wilson Backcountry Sports is the first stop for pedalers of all levels. This full-service bike repair, retail, and rental shop is conveniently located just two blocks away from the community pathway in Wilson. A few ideas: Rent a roadbike and cruise over to Teton Village for lunch. Or, if you're seeking a bigger challenge, hit the single track at world-famous Teton Pass on a brand-new, full suspension carbon fiber beauty. Our seasoned staff can help you plan the perfect ride.  1230 Ida, Wilson, WY. 307-733-5228
    307-733-5228 | 1230 Ida Drive, Wilson