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Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park

The Tetons and the Snake River stand ready to cast a spell over visiting anglers. Grand Teton Fly Fishing can guide you through Grand Teton National Park and other area fisheries.

One of the quintessential activities to do in Jackson Hole is fly fishing with the impressive Teton mountain range as a backdrop. And the legendary, native fine spotted cutthroat trout that call the Snake River home are a draw for anglers of all abilities from every corner of the world.

On the Snake River, anglers find more trout than there are flies with which to catch them.

By choosing to pursue these revered cutties and more with a guided trip from Grand Teton Fly Fishing, fishermen are guaranteed a memorable and special experience that goes beyond landing a prized fish.

Veteran Fishing Guides

Grand Teton Fly Fishing is a continuation of Jack Dennis Fishing Trips, one of the first fly fishing outfitters in the valley, originating some 50 years ago. In 2012, a couple of Dennis’ senior guides bought the business, renaming it Grand Teton Fly Fishing.

One of those guides is owner Scott Smith, who has been an angler his whole life. He has 20+ years of guiding in Jackson Hole and its environs under his belt.

 “We have the most experienced guides in the valley. Between all of us we have more than 200 years of experience.”

Scott says the depth of experience “sets us apart from other outfitters,” and that they pride themselves on being very professional and experienced.

“Another difference is that we’re not in a rush,” says Scott. “You can fish as hard and as long as you’re into it. We definitely go the extra distance with our clientele.”

When hiring a guide you are hiring someone who is both proficient and professional in the craft of fly fishing. With Grand Teton Fly Fishing you get someone who is passionate about the sport as well as the Jackson Hole area, and who knows the biology of the fish found in the rivers and waterways of this corner of Wyoming. The bottom line is that their skill set can convey the educational experience of fly fishing here.

Scott writes a blog about fishing in Jackson Hole. Check it out:  grandtetonflyfishing.blog

Quick Facts

Types of trips offered: Fly fishing floats; wading and instructional, and fly fishing/casting lessons for ages 8 and older.

Costs: $695 for our short day excursion (5-6hrs), $775 for full days (8+hrs)

Location: Inside the Dave Hansen Whitewater building at 225 W. Broadway

Phone: 307-690-0910

Website: GrandTetonFlyFishing.com    

Grand Teton Fly Fishing - Jackson Hole

Magnificent Scenery

Grand Teton Fly Fishing is one of the very few outfitters that are an authorized concessionaire in Grand Teton National Park. Below Jackson Lake Dam in the park, the company has licensed access to more than 70 miles of the Snake River. And the beauty of this national park and its wildlife viewing opportunities are unlike any other, making fishing trips through the park one of the outfitter’s most requested and valued.

“The trips are essentially a beautiful scenic tour regardless of whether the fish are biting or not.” Scott Smith, guide and owner of Grand Teton Fly Fishing

The drift boat experience lets anglers spend the day rolling through the exciting scenery and a varied fishing of a longer section of water. According to Scott, there’s no better river suited for both the beginner or expert fly fisherman than the Snake River.

Grand Teton Fly Fishing also offers trips on other rivers south of Jackson Hole: Green River, New Fork River, and the Salt River. Many guides are also licensed in Idaho and can arrange trips to the South Fork. Other angling excursions include going to Lewis and Yellowstone lakes and a Firehole River Wade.

Grand Teton Fly Fishing

Customized Trips

Each trip with Grand Teton Fly Fishing is customized — the adventures offered are not cookie cutter, says Scott. When people call in to book a trip, they are asked what kind of experience they are looking for and where they might have gone fishing before when visiting Jackson Hole. The company tries to match the conditions to what the client is capable of, as well as if they are looking for more scenery or larger fish. The guides even customize the type of snacks or lunch the fly-caster may want to munch on!

The fishing season in Jackson Hole runs from March through November, with the true peak being between mid-July and the first of October. However, each month and each season offers its own special experience with the fish and which insects might be hatching. In fact, Great Teton Fly Fishing’s website offers a daily fishing report by river (Snake River and its tributaries; South Fork, Green River, Salt River, and Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks’ lakes). The site also features a hatch chart by month.

A typical day on the river starts at 8 a.m. and ends around 5 to 6 p.m.; half-day trips run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. or noon to 5 or 6 p.m. Rods, reels and waders are provided, if needed, as well as transportation to and from the client’s hotel.

For more information and to book a trip, call 307-690-0910, or visit grandtetonflyfishing.com.