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Go Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fly fishing in Jackson Hole is a ‘bucket list’ item that can be easily checked off with Fish the Fly Guide Service.

Anglers of all stripes can have the experience of a lifetime fishing on the Snake River, home to native, fine spotted cutthroat trout. And with Fish the Fly Guide Service you’ll catch more than just those legendary fish—you will also be connected to the unparalleled nature that surrounds Jackson Hole.

Connecting With Nature

 You might be hard pressed to find a better backdrop for fly fishing than the majestic serenity of the Jackson Hole area.

 Jason “JB” Balogh, owner of Fish the Fly Guide Service really wants his clients to connect (or reconnect) with nature while fishing; to have what he calls “that moment” with the fly.

"We all lead increasingly busier lives and need a way to reset. I love to fish the fly to keep balance in my life."

Calling itself “Jackson Hole's environmental outfitter," the company believes in giving back to the resource of the river by supporting Trout Unlimited and the Snake River Fund, and Wildlife Tourism for Tomorrow. Fish the Fly Guide Service also strives to have the least impact on nature and this year is upping its environmental game by moving on from plastic water bottles in the guide’s coolers onto stainless steel bottles.  

Fish the Fly - Jackson Hole Fly Fishing

Variety of Fisheries

Fish the Fly Guide Service offers both half- and full-day trips on a variety of rivers in the Jackson Hole area. The outfitter also has backcountry creek access in the Gros Ventre Mountain Range, which provides a unique opportunity for wade fishing.

“A lot of people view fly fishing as bucket list thing for being in Jackson Hole, so they will do a trip and have that ‘moment.’”

The beauty of booking a fly fishing excursion on the Snake River is that it’s a great place to get up close and personal not only with the indigenous Cutthroat trout but also wildlife such as Bald Eagles, Osprey, Moose, and Mule Deer. The guide service also offers driftboat trips on Wyoming’s Green River—one of the state’s premier fisheries—as well as the Salt River. Anglers can also choose fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park’s lakes or streams.

Quick Facts

Types of trips offered: Fly fishing floats on the Snake, Green, and Salt Rivers and wade fishing on numerous backcountry creeks.  

Cost: Average of $750 full-day; $650 half-day (Please inquire as to current pricing at 307-690-1139 or info@fishthefly.com.)

Phone: 307-690-1139  

Website: fishthefly.com  

Fly Fish Jackson Hole with Fish the Fly

Passionate, Patient Guides

Fly fishing by nature requires patience and who better to help you learn and/or maintain this necessity than an experienced and patient guide? “Patience is key for our guides,” says JB, “especially if you are going to spend eight hours in a boat with somebody you just met.”

“We have knowledgeable, experienced, mature guides. They love what they’re doing.” — Jason Balogh, owner

There’s no other place Fish the Fly’s enthusiastic guides would rather be then on the river. A number of guides came to the outfitter from fly shops around Jackson Hole, learning fly fishing through that experience. And all of them, says JB, live and breathe it.  

In addition to adults, kids can be taught the art of fly fishing with Fish the Fly. The minimum age to learn is 6 years old.

Fish the Fly will pick up and drop off clients at lodges in the town of Jackson. Trips cost $750 for a full day (which includes lunch) and $650 for half day. All fishing gear, flies and leaders are also included. Show up with a fishing license and you're off to the river!

For more information, call 307-690-1139, email jb@fishthefly.com or visit fishthefly.com.