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Getting Around

Helping you get the lay of the land in Jackson Hole so you can get around easily and be where you want to be!
Boarding the START bus in Jackson Hole

Need to figure out how to get from place to place around here? Activities in Jackson Hole are fairly spread out across our fertile valley. Especially in summer, where a full day of action can take you all over the place from the Snake River Canyon, to the National Parks, and back to the town square. 

Luckily, Jackson has a very good transit system for a town of its size and with a little planning even the most complex daily itineraries should be doable. Because, after all, there is just so much to do here!

Mapping it Out

We've got you covered. Take some time to acquaint yourself with the valley in our Jackson Hole and Grand Teton map. This resource covers driving distances between popular destinations and will help you get your bearings concerning national park entrances, Teton Village and the routes entering Jackson Hole. You can also plot your day's scenic drives or get a handle on the best zones for wildlife spotting.

Our Town of Jackson map is the other one you'll probably want to get to know. 

If you're hoping to map a specific business location, use our site search tool up above for more targeted mapping.

To begin with more of a geographic overview of the Jackson Hole valley and where the town of Jackson fits in, check out our related article: Getting Oriented

  • Save Time and Stress When You Take the Bus

    START Bus

    START Bus (Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit) provides a FREE town shuttle that runs every half-hour and can get you to the local restaurants, supermarkets, and shops around town. Also free is the north route that runs in the summer and winter between downtown Jackson and the National Museum of Wildlife Art, with a stop at the Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone Area Visitor Center. Buses also run between the towns of Jackson and Teton Village throughout the day.

    START Bus has a mobile app that allows riders to pay for bus passes with their smartphone. The app, called STARTpay, is available for iOS and Android operating systems.  The app allows riders to purchase fares via their mobile phone, without the need to pay cash when getting on the bus or purchasing tickets in advance. To access the app, users should visit the app store on any smartphone and search for “START Pay."

    Please visit START’s website for schedule and fare information or call 307-733-4521.


If you're on a bike, skis, or paddle-board, getting around Jackson Hole is half of the fun. But say you're looking for transportation that's a little more, well, conventional?


Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) provides clean, quick bus service around Jackson and to Teton Village, home of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and many lodging options. Schedules are available at bus stops or at startbus.com.

Rental Cars and Taxis

Because of the START system's convenience, the abundance of local taxi services, Uber and Lyft service and the fact that many local outfitters will pick you up from your hotel en route to the day's adventure, having a car of your own is not necessary in Jackson Hole. However, for those who want to get behind the wheel in Jackson Hole, rental cars are available at the airport and in town.

  • Get On and Ride

    START Bike START Bike is a community bike share program servicing the town of Jackson.  With over 50 bikes and 16 + conveniently located stations, getting a bike is easy.  Download the BCycle app to get started today!

Don't Forget Biking!

Jackson Hole was recently named as one of the 10 most bike-friendly cities in the country. So don't forget that bicycling around Jackson is a great, and probably the most enjoyable, way to get from place to place.

In fact, Jackson Hole is covered with bicycle specific "pathways" and several new routes are currently under construction. For more info, check out our article all about the Jackson Hole Pathways

If you don't have bikes but would like some for a day or during your stay here, there are plenty of locations to rent:

The Last Word

Hopefully you see that there are plenty of ways to get from A to B in our action-packed valley. These options should make your trip easier, and whenever possible we really recommend biking! If the distances aren't too far its a really wonderful and underrated way to not only get around, but also see a lot more as you go.

Finally, we also make a point to suggest riding the START bus to Teton Village for skiing in the winter if it makes sense with your accommodation. You can save the cost and time of parking in Teton Village by riding the bus as all the locals do and being dropped off steps away from the tram dock. Plus, you might just overhear some amazing local gossip.