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Ask Jackson Hole Realtors

Latham Jenkins, Jackson Hole Realtor, provides insights on the Jackson Hole real estate market.
Jackson Hole Real Estate
  • Latham Jenkins

    What is the most significant trend in Jackson Hole real estate today?

    Jackson Hole Real Estate - Latham Jenkins, Realtor “Conservation has governed the development of Jackson Hole from the beginning. Although Teton County is 2.7 million acres, only 77,000 are private or 2.85%.  With 15,000 deeded parcels in the county and over 23,000 full-time residents, there is not a lot of private land to live on. This finite amount of private property has driven our land values to todays level. No we are faced with a shortage of workforce housing due the elevated property values. Finding a balance is our largest struggle to keep the working families in the valley.”

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