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Getting to Jackson Hole During Temporary Airport Closure

Navigating your way to the Tetons during the temporary Jackson Hole Airport closure early this summer can actually be fairly easy and super scenic. Here's our planning guide for arriving here via a nearby airport and automobile.
Jackson Hole Airport

There will be a temporary closure of the Jackson Hole Airport to both airline and general aviation operations between April 11th and June 27th, 2022, for runway reconstruction and additional projects. Those who wish to visit Jackson Hole by air will need to find alternative transportation opportunities during this period. Never fear! We've got some ideas/solutions!

Your adventure to Jackson Hole during the timeframe above will basically be a “fly-and-drive” situation, which frankly will add to your vacation experience while you navigate along Wyoming’s scenic highways and byways.

Fly Into “Neighboring” Airports

Even though you can’t fly smack dab into Jackson, there are three smaller Wyoming airports that are anywhere from a three- to five-hour drive to your lodging choice in the Hole. The routes are easy-peasy, really, and pretty to boot!

• Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, Wyoming

United Airlines offers two flights per day into Cody via Denver International Airport. It’s easy to rent a car at the airport and the drive to Jackson Hole is just shy of 300 miles. Starting May 14th, you can get to Jackson from Cody by driving through Yellowstone National Park, which means you can cross that bucket list item off your vacation "must-do's" at the start of your trip. If you arrive before mid-May—when Yellowstone is closed to motorized vehicles, or even after that date—the alternative route is approximately 5 hours and takes you through Thermopolis and Dubois, WY. You might want to take a quick soak in a hot spring in Thermopolis as it boasts the "world's largest mineral hot springs." If you're ready for a sweet treat during your drive, Dubois' Cowboy Cafe has the most amazing pies, so grab a slice and enjoy one of the last real Old West towns. After you drive over Togwotee Pass from Dubois be prepared for a stunning and jaw-dropping view of the Teton Range as it welcomes you into Jackson Hole.

• Central Wyoming Riverton Airport

Located just under 3 hours from Jackson (159 miles), there are typically twice-daily flights between Riverton and Denver International Airport. Priceless Car Rentals serves the airport or you can arrange another means of ground transportation; the approximate quote for a taxi is $540. Call 307-856-7118 for more information.

• Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport

This other Wyoming airport option in Rock Springs is a little more than 3 hours away from Jackson by car. United has two regularly scheduled daily flights from Denver. You can rent a car from either Avis or Budget for the easy and panoramic drive south to Jackson Hole. Look for wildlife towards the end of your drive as you navigate your vehicle through the windy and pretty Hoback Canyon — featuring the Hoback River — which leads you to the right-hand turn onto the highway to Jackson. When you see the Hoback Market, know you are only 20 minutes to Town Square.

Out-Of-State Airport Options

Out-of-state airports you can choose to fly into include those in Idaho, Utah and Montana, with scenic drives also ranging from 2 to 5 hours.

•Salt Lake City International Airport

There are just shy of 400 flights departing from Salt Lake City daily to 99 non-stop destinations. Because it is a major hub, the airport offers numerous options for renting a car and the drive from there to Jackson Hole is approximately 5 hours, including driving up the Snake River Canyon from Alpine, Wyoming, one of the most beautiful canyons in the country. When you are less than 10 minutes into the canyon, look out for a sign on the righthand side of the road that reads "Lunch Counter"  and pull off to watch whitewater rafters maneuver through the Lunch Counter and Big Kahuna rapids. They're huge!

• Idaho Falls Regional Aiport

This airport is the closest to Jackson Hole (90 miles). Served by Allegiant, Delta, United, Alaska and American Airlines, there are a number of national rental car companies located at the airport. Whether you rent a vehicle or have somebody else do the driving (i.e. a taxi), be prepared for a “wow!” of a trip via two different route options; both take you through scenic Swan River Valley, Idaho.

The first byway brings you over an amazingly gorgeous mountain pass into Victor, Idaho. From there you’ll drive Highway 22 through Teton Pass down to Jackson Hole. Be prepared for lots of “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” as you make your way through this steep and stupendous pass.

The second route through Swan Valley has you driving past the turn for Victor, Idaho, heading south on Highway 26/89 to Alpine, WY, as you motor along the Palisades Reservoir. Is this a head-turner of a drive, also? Well, of course, it is! After reaching Alpine, you will turn left at the junction and up the Snake River Canyon with the famous rough ‘n tumble Snake River on your right — it offers fun and memorable rafting trips down its rapids. At Hoback Junction, you’ll continue straight into Jackson Hole.

Traveler Suggestion: You don’t have to wait until you get to Jackson Hole to start your vacation or to rest your weary head. Swan Valley, Idaho, is home to a luxury B&B, River Retreat Lodge, just an hour’s drive from Jackson. You can begin the whole Western experience by staying at the historic log-cabin lodge for a night or two, indulging in some of the best fly-fishing in the country or a horseback trail ride.

• Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

This large Montana airport has 30 non-stop flights domestically, as well as international flight connections. Bozeman Yellowstone International is a 4- to 5-hour drive south to Jackson through Ennis, Montana, Ashton, Idaho, to Driggs and Victor (also Idaho) then over Teton Pass to Jackson Hole. Another breathtaking route (though a little less direct) goes through Gallatin Canyon via Big Sky into West Yellowstone, then down through Ashton, Idaho to Jackson. A much longer route will take you down to Jackson from Bozeman via Yellowstone National Park and it's well worth the extra travel time to explore the country's first national park in all its splendor and glory. This route is truly unforgettable and you can cross "visit Yellowstone" off your vacation list from the jump.

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