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A Day of Summer Adventure

Get active and get out there! We share a few ideas for a full day of summer adventure in Jackson Hole.

Get active and get out there! We share a few ideas for a full day of summer adventure in Jackson Hole.

  • Start Your Morning with a Running Leap

    Jackson Hole Paragliding Nothing says “adventure” like soaring through the sky. Jackson Hole Tandem Paragliding flights are the highlight of many people’s vacations to Jackson Hole. All JHPG tandem instructors are experienced mountain pilots with excellent safety records. A few running steps and you are airborne, seated in a comfortable chair harness, free to enjoy the awesome scenery and refreshing mountain air.
    307-690-8726 | Teton Village, Teton Village

  • Spend Your Afternoon on Two Wheels

    Wilson Backcountry Sports  is the first stop for pedalers of all levels. This full-service bike repair, retail, and rental shop is conveniently located just two blocks away from the community pathway in Wilson. One idea: Rent a road bike and cruise over to Teton Village for lunch. Or, if you’re seeking a bigger challenge, hit the single track at world-famous Teton Pass on a brand-new, full-suspension carbon fiber beauty. Our seasoned staff can help you plan the perfect ride.
    307-733-5228 | 1230 Ida Drive, Wilson

  • Catch a Big One and Earn Major Bragging Rights

    Fish The Fly Guide Service offers angling opportunities for all ability levels. Our friendly, knowledgeable guides lead family-style float trips on the Snake River that combine scenic relaxation with summertime casting. We fish all local rivers and Yellowstone National Park from March through November.
    307-690-1139 | Jackson

  • Bookend Your Day With a Sunset (or Sunrise) Wildlife Safari

    EcoTour Adventures Maximize your time viewing wildlife and experiencing Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. Enjoy small groups, roof-hatched vehicles, professional- quality binoculars and enthusiastic guides. Fun and educational for the entire family. Highly recommended by TripAdvisor! Book today for best availability.
    307-690-9533 | 1585 Berger Lane, Jackson

In Jackson Hole there are limitless ways to turn a summer's day into an adventure to remember. Let us know YOUR favorites at Jackson Hole Traveler on Facebook!

Traveler Tip for Hiking Outside the National Park:  Jackson Hole is part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the largest intact ecosystems in the world. With 97% of the region’s land protected, I encourage you to leave the busier trails of Grand Teton Park to discover solitude, the wilderness, and adventure off the beaten track. Join a guided trip and bring your sense of adventure. – Cathy Shill of The Hole Hiking Experience